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Today we will examine a set of two exercises for training breasts: Ball Push-Ups & Cable Machine Flyes

  • Type of exercise: basic
  • Basic muscles: thoracic, triceps
  • Auxiliary muscles: anterior delta, press


Ball Push-Ups & Cable Machine Flyes
Ball Push-Ups & Cable Machine Flyes


Push-ups on the ball (medbole) – pumping the triceps, the upper and inner part of the chest due to the narrow setting of the hands. An important point is the convenience of hand arrangement. In this exercise, the muscles of the cortex are strained and if they are weak in you, the push-ups may not be effective, and you can even injure your lower back. For these push-ups you can use almost any ball, for example, medball, basketball or football. The difficulty of the exercise will depend on the ball, the harder it is, the more difficult it is to keep the balance and press it.

Initial position at Ball Push-Ups

Put your hands in two balls, place your feet on the width of your shoulders. Hands should be in the middle of the medbol to hold the balance, half forward. It is important to keep your back straight for the duration of the exercise.

Technique of Implementation Ball Push-Ups


Technique of Implementation Ball Push-Ups
Technique of Implementation Ball Push-Ups


Bend your arms in the elbows and sink as below possible so that your chest is below the balls. Watch your breath: down – inhale, up – exhale. Together with the exhalation, press from the medicine ball straightening the arms in the elbows. Do not forget to keep your back flat. Push up off the ball, try to stretch pectoral muscles.

Perform 15-20 push-ups, and so 3 approaches

Now we will perform the exercise Cable Machine Flyes

Cable Machine Flyes – The training of the muscles of the chest can be very diverse, so athletes often alternate in their exercise program. Among the effective is the reduction of hands on the block simulator. Also the simulator is often called a crossover.

This exercise is in addition to heavy training. For example, it can be final after the barbell or dumbbells press in any position, working with dumbbells or push-ups with weight.


The exercise is insulating. It works only for a group of internal and lower muscle beams. Although indirectly also the load goes to deltas and triceps hands. Exercise can not be basic, as it does not give proper load to the pectoral muscles. But it performs the task of stretching, which is important for the growth of muscles. In this case, the exercise itself does not grow muscles, but forms them, that is, it creates reliefs and correct contours. For those who are most important to the appearance of the body, exercise becomes an integral part of the training.

Working in the crossover loads the outer and inner parts of the chest. This happens depending on the position in which the reduction of hands is performed. If the position is lying, the inner part works, if standing, then the external muscles of the chest are trained.

It is important to carry out the exercise correctly from the technical side, since this is the safety of the body. The load must be transferred to the triceps, so it will descend from the elbow joint, and the likelihood of damaging it will decrease almost to zero.


Exercise Cable Machine Flyes
Exercise Cable Machine Flyes


Technique of execution Cable Machine Flyes

  1. If you are standing, then you should take the grip arms of the simulator, the elbows should be just above the back. Start one leg a little back. The back is slightly bent forward. It is necessary to monitor the body: if the inclination is too large, there is an additional load on the waist, which can adversely affect its condition.
  2. Elbows should remain in one position, only hands work. At the entrance, bring together your hands to the maximum, stay in this position for a few seconds.
    Then follows the return to the starting position, while you need to do an exhalation.
  3. It’s important to keep an eye on the breath: if it breaks down, you can get tired too quickly and do not fulfill the norm for training.
  4. Completing the exercises, you can not throw a load, in which case you can injure yourself.


Using a crossover, you can work well inside the chest. The simulator will be an excellent replacement for dumbbells

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