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Single Arm Neutral Grip Machine Press

Hummer simulates (Machine Press) – a barbell or dumbbell press at different angles, usually 60 degrees. This simulator will help you to pump the front and middle beam of the deltoids. It has a device (pedal) to bring the weight to its original position. Put out light weights for warm-up.

Correctness of the exercise Single Arm Neutral Grip Machine Press

  • Adjust the height of the seat so that in the original position the Hammer handles are at the level of your shoulders, and your hands do not “break” back. If the seat is too low, your elbows will go very high and your shoulders will not receive the maximum load at the lowest point. If the seat very high, then the elbows will be very low from such a position it is very difficult to start a repeat.
  • Help the foot to lift the weight by pressing the special pedal.
  • After the handles have reached the starting position – push them with your hands (Do not fully straighten your arms at the elbows – leave a slight angle between the forearm and the shoulder).
  • let the weight back to a physiologically comfortable position. Repeat this movement 10-15 times – the warm-up is over. On the rise do not forget to exhale through the mouth. Breathe air through your nose, descend your weight.

Do not forget to make a qualitative workout, warm up the joints. Next, hang on the simulator a little weight (for men enough and 10-20 kg for girls – 1-5 kg – depends on physical training). And make warm-up approaches

Set the working weight and do 8-10 repetitions in 3-4 approaches.

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