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✅ Cable Flyes in a crossover – is an effective isolated exercise for the development of chest muscles. Performing it in different variations, you can emphasize the load on different parts of the pectoral muscles: the upper, lower, inner or lower part. There are several basic variations of information in the hands of the crossover: standing, lying on the bench, through the upper or lower blocks.


As a rule, cable flyes in the crossover is performed near the end of the chest workout in order to achieve maximum blood filling. Work is conducted in a large repetition range – from 12 and above. Working weight does not matter

👉🏻 Exercise 1: Cable Flyes Staggard Stance

✅ Perform 4-5 sets 15-20 reps

Cable Flyes Staggard Stance
Cable Flyes Staggard Stance

🚨 What muscles work during exercise?

If you are doing everything right, then almost the entire burden falls on the pectoral muscles. A slight static stress is present in the biceps, triceps, and anterior deltas, but it should not stop you from concentrating on your chest work. If you feel that the shoulders and triceps are tired no less than the chest, then the working weight is too big.

👉🏻 Exercise 2: Cable Flyes Parallel Stance

✅ Perform 4-5 Sets 15-20 reps.

Cable Flyes Parallel Stance
Cable Flyes Parallel Stance
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