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Seated Bicep Curls what is it and how to do it

The ascent to the biceps sitting is a real classic of the genre. There is no athlete or athlete who does not know this exercise. However, not everyone does execut it right. Let’s try to understand.


How to Seated Bicep Curls
How to Seated Bicep Curls


Ascent when you Seated Bicep Curls

During this exercise only pumping the biceps. Curls Biceps seated gives an excellent result, and it does not need to spend a lot of time on it. The only thing that has to be done is to find your weight, which will increase over time. Such a rise enters the category of concentrated and strenuous curls that cause static muscle tension. The main action of curls is to strengthen the bicep. Exercise is suitable for those who have large arms, but very small biceps. The curls itself is best performed at the end of the lesson and performing basic exercises on the hands, such as:


Advantages of Seated Bicep Curls

This is a very good exercise, which can give an effect on the first day of training. And to fix and improve the result, it is enough to do the exercise every day or every other day. Exercise is best combined with back training. As for approaches, it is better to start with 4-5 for 10 repetitions. But we must understand that between the approaches it is important to let the muscles restoration at least three minutes.


How to Seated Bicep Curls (DON'T RIGHT)
How to Seated Bicep Curls (DON’T RIGHT)


Technique of Seated Bicep Curls. How correctly to do an exercise?

First, put the body straight. Keep your back straight. Take the dumbbells in your hands. Put your hands with barbell to your legs and your elbows to the waist. Begin curls barbell and lowering. Do so that the arm bends and straightens. Such an exercise affects and causes tension in the bicep. The curl is called concentrated. It is best to do many variations of the exercise. Variety will help to overcome fatigue and also create a maximum peak.


How to Seated Bicep Curls (RIGHT)
How to Seated Bicep Curls (RIGHT)

Do 3-4 approaches with the maximum weight that can do 10-12 repetitions, rest 60 seconds. no more

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