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🚨Dumbbell Lateral Raises with Fat Gripz

Features of the exercise

  • Below are a number of points that you should pay attention to, including an exercise in your training program:
  • Raise the dumbbells to the sides – is done with an individually tailored weight. If the weight is small – do not get the effect. If a big one – the technique suffers – you will bend your arms at the elbow even more to facilitate the exercise.
  • If you raise your arms with dumbbells higher than parallel to the floor, trapezius muscles are involved. Do this if you have a trapezoid training plan.
  • If you raise hands with elbows lowered, the load will be distributed between the front and middle deltoid tufts. As a result, you do not pump neither one nor the other.

🔥 Shoulder Press on Leg Press

Technique Shoulder Press

  • To do Shoulder Press on Leg Press exercise, you will need a machine to press with the legs, sit under the platform, place the emphasis on the platform with your hands, after setting the desired weight, do not forget that the platform weighs 30 kg, this is the starting position to start the exercise;
  • On the exhale, start pushing the platform with your hands using only the delta force, hold at the peak top point for 1 sec and begin to lower the platform to the starting position;
  • Perform 4 sets of 12-10-8-6 reps
🔥Shoulder Press on Leg Press
🔥Shoulder Press on Leg Press
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