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✅Do you think you’re doing enough for your quads? Some exercises that we do may actually not be stimulating the quads as much as we think which can de decreasing the development of the full development of the quads. Above we can see the activation of the Rectus femoris among a few different exercises.

✅(Ebben et al 2009) compared the quadriceps activation between a few lower body resistance exercises and found that Leg extensions and squats give the highest quad activation relative to the other common exercises. Another outcome that may surprise some is that the deadlift had relatively low quadriceps activation. This is due to the small moment arm produced by the barbell on the knee.

🚨Leg Extensions
🚨Leg Extensions

Even though the squat seems like a great quad exercise it may not be enough to stimulate full quadriceps activity. (Fonseca et al 2014) looked at quadriceps development using squat only or varied quadriceps exercises with matched volume. They found that squatting only was not able to stimulate the rectus femoris enough to produce significant hypertrophy. So it is wise to add at least one more exercises with a high rectus femoris activation to your routine

Lastly, if you have used deadlifts as your primary quad builder you may want to reconsider, however you can still continue to do them by switching to a trap bar which elicits a greater quad activation relative to the regular dead lift (Camara et al 2016). Tag someone to help them with there quad development! check out my hypertrophy programs in the link above for full leg development!

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