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🚨Lat Pulldown Proper Form🚨

🚨Lat Pulldown
🚨Lat Pulldown

3 Things to Avoid:
❌Pulling Too Far Down- This is a common one. Many people assume you have to pull the weight all the way down nearly to your stomach. If you are properly pulling the weight with your lats, you will feel where to stop: when your lats are fully contracted.
❌Not Getting A Full Extension- When you do not fully extend your arms at the top of each rep, you are not fully stretching your lats. Not only does this take away from the effectiveness of the exercise but it prevents you from initiating the pull with your lats on each rep. Many people who perform this exercise with limited range of motion are over-using their arms.
❌Too Much Momentum- Swinging the body, not keeping spine aligned, moving head back and forth, and even coming out of your seat… these are all signs of too much momentum. Slow down your reps, maintain proper form, pull with your lats, and reduce weight if needed.

✅Lat Pulldown Proper Form
✅Lat Pulldown Proper Form

3 Things to Include:
✅Proper Range of Motion- By only pulling down to the point that lats are fully contracted, you are keeping the strain in your lats rather than shifting the weight to your arms and shoulders.
✅Full Stretch and Pause- Full range of motion ensures you are getting the most out of each rep and pulling primarily with your lats rather than arms.
✅Slow and Controlled Reps- This also ensures that the lats are the primary muscle engaged, it maintains more constant muscle strain, and results in overall better set.

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