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🔥 D-GRIP Tricep Pushdown

D-GRIP Tricep Pushdown



Crossover is a universal simulator – on which it is possible to train different muscle groups. Most often it pumps the triceps. The triceps in the crossover can be brought into shape in several ways, the most common exercises are hand unbend

Extension of the arms to the triceps is one of the most effective exercises, which is often performed by both men and women. You can isolate the target group of muscles by working in a crossover (block simulator). You will achieve the following goals:

  • Increase the strength of the triceps.
  • You intentionally pump the triceps muscle of the shoulder.
  • Excess fat deposits will simply burn.
  • Strengths in heavy basic movements (such as bench press and deadlift) will increase several times.
  • It is very important to carry out all movements technically correct. Before practicing, to warm the necessary muscle groups.


Initial position D-GRIP Tricep Pushdown

The athlete should approach the block simulator, and also attach a D-GRIP bar handle to the upper block handle. Next, you need to set the weight of the weights. The position of the hands on the bar should be comfortable, the grip is straight, not very wide. Press your elbows against your torso. The body can be tilted slightly and knees bend.

Variations of Exercise Tricep Pushdown

There are several options for doing this exercise. Experienced bodybuilders alternately perform a variety of exercises to effectively pump the triceps. The target group of muscles does not have time to adapt to the load.


Variations of Exercise Tricep Pushdown
Variations of Exercise Tricep Pushdown


Extensions with a rope handle. This movement also effectively affects the triceps arm muscle. You need to attach a rope handle in the simulator. The starting position is the same. You can tilt the case slightly forward. In the lower phase, try slightly to turn the palms inward, thereby transferring the load to the lateral head.

Do 3-4 sets with 10-12 repetitions, rest between approaches should be 1 minute!

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