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In addition to the biceps, almost half of the load goes to the shoulder muscles (brachialysis), which are located deep under the biceps brachial muscle, and part of the load is borne by the shoulder-ray muscle.

hammer exercise
hammer exercise



Features of the hammer exercise

The more the palm looking down, the greater the load the shoulder muscles receive. The more the palm is supinated (unfolded upwards), the more the load goes to the biceps. In the exercise, the hammer of the palms look at each other, i.e. occupy an intermediate position. In this connection, the load is distributed between the shoulder muscles and biceps.

On the one hand, more muscles are involved in the work. The main advantage resulting from this statement is that you can take a heavier working weight. On the other hand, the load on each individual muscle is out of focus, so some will be stimulated more, some less. Despite this, exercise the hammer on the biceps allows you to gain a common muscle mass of the hands. By the way, by efficiency it is bending of hands on the Scott bench, precisely due to the nature of the movement involving more muscles.

An important point is the amplitude of motion. In any exercise, it is worth trying to complicate the work of your muscles, work within the amplitude, keep the tension in the target muscles throughout the entire approach.

Exercise the hammer on the biceps: the technique of performing

hammer on the biceps



  • The hammer can be performed sitting on the bench while standing, it is possible to perform the bending of the hands simultaneously, alternately or in series (first the work is performed by one hand, then the second one is done by the same volume).
  • Choose the most convenient option for you by experience.
  • If you perform a hammer with one hand, in the second always keep a dumbbell, in order to balance the position of your body.
  • In order to increase the load on the shoulder muscles, lift the dumbbells close to each other. If you work with one hand, take the lifts close to the hull.

Exercise the hammer on the biceps



  • Taking dumbbells in your hands, lower your shoulders, and press your elbows against the body. Fix the body, shoulders and arms to the elbows in a fixed position.
  • Begin lifting dumbbells on exhalation. Only the elbow and forearms work.
  • When you reach the peak reduction, take a short pause and lower your dumbbells while inhaling. At the bottom point, achieve full stretching of the biceps (hands almost completely unbend).
  • Without delays at the bottom, start the next rise.


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