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How to bench press!bench press



The chest muscles are a huge muscular mass of the anterior part of the body, which includes: a large pectoralis muscle, a small pectoralis muscle, an anterior dentate muscle.

The large pectoral muscle is the main visually significant part of the pectoral muscles. It is the large pectoral that provides the appearance of our chest.

The main functions: bringing the arm to the body, turning the arm inside, help in breathing.

Small pectoralis muscle – lies under the large pectoralis muscle and is visually invisible.

Main functions: pulling the shoulder blade forward and down, help in breathing.

Anterior toothed muscle – located on the surface of the chest, from the side.

Main functions: Together with the rhomboid muscle forms a powerful muscular mass, covering the trunk and pressing the scapula to it.

Bench press lying (on the horizontal bench): the correct technique of performing

correctnes bench press


Despite the widespread popularity and simplicity of bench press lying down, the vast majority of athletes do not even know what kind of muscle groups it loads, not to mention how to properly perform it.

Our today’s article will deal with the correct method of performing bench press in bodybuilding, that is, from the point of view of muscle pumping, and not the power result. Meanwhile, the barbell press technique in powerlifting differs significantly from the classical, putting weight lifting on the foreground, than working out the muscles. Therefore, to touch the powerlift bench press, which has its differences, in the framework of this article, we will not.

correctnes bench press

Bench press bar is a basic exercise for training the muscles of the chest. As a rule, it is put first in the complex for pectoral muscles and is performed in a heavy force style.

What muscles work in bench press?

  • Chest muscles (large and small thoracic);
  • Fore fascicles of deltoid muscles;
  • Triceps;
  • Toothed and beak-brachial muscles.

View from another angle for the exercise bench press.

correctnes bench press



Correct execution technique

  • Take the lying position on the bench for bench press;
  • Grasp the barbell with a straight grip, placing your arms at a level slightly wider than the width of your shoulders;
  • Remove the bar from the supports and begin to lower it to the middle of the chest;
  • With a powerful force, pushing the bar upwards;
  • Carry out the planned number of repetitions.

Correctnes close grip bench press, save pics if you usefull it !

correctnes bench press


Practical advice and recommendations

Before doing the bench press, perform the 2-3 warm-up approaches without fail, this will reduce the risk of injury and improve the efficiency of working approaches;
When doing a bench press, try to just touch the chest lightly, without trying to unhook the barbell from the chest;
Be sure to use the help of an partner

Bench press options

There are several modifications to the classic barbell bench -here is one of them:

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