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Inclined bench press (head up): technique, methodology and recommendations for implementation!

Inclined dumbbell press

The bench press on the sloping bench (head up) is a kind of classic bench press and is the base exercise for training the upper area of the pectoral muscles. This exercise is recommended to be performed first in the complex.

The basic working muscles

  • Сhest muscles (focus on the upper chest);
  • Triceps;
  • Fore fascicles of deltoid muscles;
  • Anterior toothed muscle.

 Inclined bench press

Correct execution technique

  • Take the position of lying on an incline bench so that the head is at the top;
  • You can use your assistant if you do not have anyone around, put the dumbbells on your knees and throw them on the half-bent hands in a prone position
  • Take the dumbbells lift them on the half-bent hands;
  • Slowly lower the ex down, to the level of the upper chest;
  • With strong force, push up the dumbbells to the top;
  • Carry out the planned number of repetitions.

Practical advice and recommendations

Use the angle of inclination of the bench not more than 60 degrees, otherwise the load on the shoulder joints will seriously increase, and the emphasis of the exercise will shift towards the front beams of the deltas;
When performing an inclined bench press (head up), lower the dumbbells to the level of the upper chest, this will contribute to the development of this area;
Do the dumbbell press on the sloping bench (head up) the very first exercise in the pectoral muscle complex.
Before performing the exercise, be sure to perform 2-3 warm-up approaches;
Always use the help of a partner, even if you are sure that the working weight is within your power;
Do not use springing pressure from the chest to facilitate weight gain.

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