The 8 x 8 Training Method Chest WorkOut | Guide

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The 8×8 Training Method Chest WorkOut | Guide

💥 Features of the Training Method 8 x 8 👇

The “8 × 8” method is essentially universal and suitable for both men and women.
This program is not recommended for beginners. It is created for experienced bodybuilders! This is important to consider. If for a long time you used to train the body with a breakdown by muscle groups, then an excellent alternative would be to use the technique to work out the whole body.


In this case, for each training day it is necessary to do one exercise for each part of the body for 8 approaches for 8 repetitions.
You have to train for two days, after which you take two full days of rest. Training is cruel, so be sure to give your body enough time to recover, because it’s realistic to get overtrained. You will understand this when you go to the gym on the second day after your first workout. The rest period between sets is up to 30 seconds.

For a certain muscle group, choose 3-4 exercises and perform 8 sets of 8 repetitions. For training, you work out not more than a few muscle groups.

🎯 We will perform a training 8×8 on the chest, consisting of 4 x exercises

The program is not intended for year-round use. It is a shock, a shake for the body. After the end of the cycle of work on the system “8×8” you can return to the traditional methods of training. Training usually takes 40-60 minutes, along with warm-up, regardless of which approach you choose.


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