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🚨Leg Press Proper Form👇

🎯Target Muscle: Legs

Leg Press Proper Form
✅ Leg Press Proper Form

3 Things to Avoid:

❌Knees Turned In- I see this quite often with beginners because their leg muscles and not as stable as a result of unfamiliarity to this exercise. If you cannot complete a set with knees straight, chances are you need to reduce weight.
❌Partial Reps- Limited range of motion will limit what muscles are being targeted. Unless trying to isolate quads, you will not be able to engage your glutes and hamstrings as effectively without 100% range of motion.
❌Neck Movement- Here is a naturally tendency that many people have when straining. You have to be conscious to keep your neck straight in order to maintain spinal alignment.

Leg Press Proper Form
Leg Press Proper Form

3 Things to Include:

✅Knees Straight- Keeping your knees straight will allow you to activate the correct muscles in your legs and generate the most power.
✅Full Range of Motion- Performing 100% range of motion with ensure that your gluteus and hamstrings are being targeted effectively.
✅Spine Aligned- Spinal alignment is crucial to stay injury free and maintain proper form and muscle engagement.

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