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Tricep Dips. The best exercise for the triceps?




The dips between the two supports (Tricep Dips) are not in vain considered the best exercises for the triceps, it is confirmed not only by scientific research, but also by their of advantages. In particular, the latter include:

  • This exercise is a closed kinetic chain, which involves moving the body while the hands (or feet) are in a fixed position. It perfectly isolates the triceps and at once involves all three of its heads;
  • The absence of an impulse during the “Dips” makes it possible to maintain tension in the triceps throughout the entire movement;
  • The use of an unlimited amount of weight allows you to constantly progress in the exercise;
  • Variability of the exercise allows you to use a different width of grip and position of the feet;
  • Dips contribute to the development of the width of the chest, slightly stretching it when lowering;
  • Tricep Dips significantly develop the strength of the athlete, allowing him to become stronger in basic exercises as bench press / dumbbell bench press;
  • The inclusion in the work of small muscle groups (muscle-stabilizers), which are very difficult to work through the in standard movements.

Technique of execution Tricep Dips 


Of course, we can not ignore the correct technique of performing the exercise Tricep Dips, so let’s take a step-by-step look at it.



Step # 1.

Set two benches across at a distance of elongated legs. Turn your back to one of them and place your hands (grip on the width of the shoulders) on the edge, throw your legs on the other. Legs should not be deep on the bench, you just need to put them on the edge. This is the starting position.

Step # 2.

On inspiration, start slowly sinking down, bending your elbows. Lower your backside to a position where the shoulders are not parallel to the floor (90 degree angle). Keep your elbows straight and do not dilute them much to the sides.




Step # 3.

Going to the bottom, using only the force of the triceps, push the torso upward forcefully, lifting yourself (on exhalation) to the initial position. Repeat the specified number of times.

Note Tricep Dips :

We all know that in order to achieve muscle hypertrophy, we need large weights and a small number of repetitions (from 4 to 8). Often own body weight is not enough (especially for guys) to qualitatively load the triceps. In such cases it is necessary to use additional weight in the form of a belt with a chain or pancakes, which are superimposed on the pelvic region. At home, it can be a dumbbell or a backpack with weight.

Perform with a weight of 4 approaches 8-10 repetitions, rest between approaches 90 seconds. If you carry out with your own weight increase the number of repetitions to 15-20.

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