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🚨Tricep Kickbacks Proper Form🚨

✅Tricep Kickbacks Proper Form
✅ Tricep Kickbacks Proper Form

3 Things to Avoid:

Neck Hyperextended– Many people keep their head up and eyes forward on this exercise either out of habit or to look at their form in the mirror. Having your head head back and neck bent will place more pressure and strain on your spine.
Partial Reps- Are guilty of this? A partial rep could look like not having your elbow high enough and not fully extending your arm which prevents you from getting a full Tricep contraction.
Too Much Momentum– Bringing the dumbbell too far forward and swinging it back out will result in less tricep engagement.

🔥Tricep Kickbacks
🔥Tricep Kickbacks

3 Things to Include:
✅Head Down / Spine Aligned- By keeping your spine alignment (back and neck straight), you are at much less risk of spinal or neck injury. This is especially important as you move up in weight on this exercise.
✅Full Range of Motion- 2 things to focus on are keep elbow all the way up at a right angle and making sure to get a full extension of the forearm. This will ensure you are getting a fully tricep contraction with each rep so you are developing you triceps properly.
✅Slow and Controlled- Slow and controlled reps may require reducing the weight. By refraining from swinging and focusing on keeping the tricep engaged throughout the entire movement, you are increasing time under tension and getting the best overall results from this exercise.

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