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🔥 Hyperextension – use

✅Besides the fact that exercise is effective for working out the muscles of the back surface of the body, it has other advantages:

  1. When performing exercises without additional weight and in combination with the workout of the press, you can get rid of pain in the lumbar region.
  2. With regular hyperextension, you can maintain muscle tone and strengthen the spine.
  3. It is believed that the correct implementation of the exercise is an excellent prevention of intervertebral hernia.
  4. It is recommended to make such movements for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, since their muscles lose their elasticity and become weak.
  5. In finding out how hyperextension is useful, it should be pointed out that it will be an excellent warm-up before heavy exercises for developing back muscles, for example, before a deadlift.

💥 Hyperextension – performance technique

  • Place yourself on a special bench, face down, fixing your shins under the rollers.
  • Keep your torso straight as shown. You can hold your hands behind your head, but you do not need to lock them together, as this will create an unnecessary strain on the neck. Another option for the position of the hands – cross them on the chest. Advanced athletes can pick up a pancake from the bar and keep it at the chest.
  • While breathing in, slowly lean forward, but do not round the back, but keep it straight. It is necessary to bend down until a stretch in the back of the thigh is felt. Another signal to stop is the inability to continue movement without rounding the back.
  • Making the exhale, lift the body, taking the initial position. It is important to do nothing abruptly, as this is fraught with injury.




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