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✅ Weak abdominal muscles

Weak internal muscles of the press are not able to provide a sufficient level of tightness of the bodyleading to the effect of a “falling out” abdomen even with a low level of fatIf your goal is a narrow waist and taut pressyou need to train your internal abdominal muscles.

Ab exercises


✅ Exercises for the muscles of the body

When performing most physical exercises, it is the muscles of the body and the internal muscles of the press that fix the spine in a rigid position, allowing you to make movements with additional weight. In fact, any correctly performed basic exercise is an exercise for the body.

It is extremely important to consciously support the press, lumbar musculature and other muscles of the body in light tension when performing any strength exercises. Simply put, you must remember that you have internal abdominal muscles and they must be constantly included in the work.

💪 Twisting on the press on the blocksthe right technique

The key parameter of twisting on the blocks is the maximum amplitude of movementYou should not be take by a too short piece of rope or a block weight limiterWeight in the exercise should be moderate – in no case should you break away from the floor.

🚨 Twisting on the blocksthe beginning of the movement

1Grasp the ropestep back a few steps and get down on your kneesBend your elbows at right anglesLean forwardslightly arching your backTransfer the weight of the body to your knees and socksas if hanging on your hands (but not straining them). Feel the tension of the press.

Abs Workout Guide


Complex for internal abdominal muscles

The best for the development of the internal muscles of the abdomen is the inclusion of the exercise “6 pack exerсises” in the program of training for the press, performed in the gym, as well as regular exercise “Vacuum”. The maximum effect will give the implementation of this exercise 4-5 times during the day.

How Many Abdominal Repetitions Do?

To increase the strength of the abdominal muscles and achieve a massive press, perform 3 sets of 6-10 repetitions. To study the relief of the abdominal muscles, perform 3-4 sets of twists on blocks with a high number of repetitions (from 12 to 25) and a lower working weight.

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