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🔸Primary Muscle: Pecs (Chest)
🔸Secondary Muscle: Serratus (back)

It is known that pullover is the only exercise that loads two large muscle groups at once: chest and latissimus. Someone does pullover on the day of training the chest, someone – along with the traction for the back muscles.


Pectoral muscles and triceps as tense as possible at the stage of raising arms from behind the head to an upright position. Moreover, in the initial position the pectoral and triceps are stretched, and therefore their reduction becomes extremely stressful. From the point of view of anatomy, you can raise straight arms with your head down only with isolated effort of the pectoral and triceps. So, the use of pullovers on the day of breast training is a good exercise.

🔹Sets: 4
🔹Reps: 12
🔹Rest: 1.5min


To properly load the broadest back, do pullovers on an inclined bench head down. However, it should not be considered that this movement is one of the basic exercises for developing the mass of the broadest back (and even more so for the back muscles).

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