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🚨5 Min Butt Lift Workout 

The gluteal muscles are responsible for several important body functions:

  • fix hip joints;
  • take away and turn the hips;
  • allow the body to straighten;
  • make upright walking.
  • The physical form of this large muscle directly affects the state of the musculoskeletal system. If the buttocks are tightened and pumped up, the figure looks much more attractive, the state of health improves.


To make this muscle group more elastic and round, it is not enough just to go to the gym. It is necessary to concentrate on exercises that are designed to work out the buttocks, and also allow you to strengthen your back.

5 Min Butt Lift Workout 
5 Min Butt Lift Workout

🚨 How to perform the exercise?

The following recommendations should be followed:

  • When you lie on a bench or floor, straighten your back and straighten your chest;
  • Fix the position taken, after which you can put on the hips weight or do it with your weight.
  • We begin to raise the hips, and when they reach the maximum possible position, they pause to create a reduction in the buttocks;
  • Maintain tension for several seconds, and then slowly return to the initial position, but not by inertia, but due to the trained muscle group;
  • Without any interruptions, they immediately begin to do the next repetition and so on.
Glutes Exercises
Glutes Exercises

🚨 Weighted Lunges & Squat 

You can use the dumbbells, which are held in hands, or the barbell on the shoulders. The choice of weight is entirely due to the level of training.


  • This exercise requires special attention to posture, which is regulated yours head and shoulder girdle.
  • Lunge do one foot, and the second left in the original position. Lower the torso down until the knee does not touch the floor surface, and the fixed leg does not form a right angle over the bend area.
  • Load hold a few minutes, and then return to its original position. When it is taken, all movements are repeated, now on the other foot.
Weighted Lunges & Squat 
Weighted Lunges & Squat
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