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🚨Hammer Curl Proper Form🚨

✅Hammer Curl Proper Form
✅Hammer Curl Proper Form

3 Things to Avoid:
❌Too Much Momentum- throwing your shoulders forward and backward to assist with the curl is only taking away from targeting your biceps.
❌Multiple Joints Being Used- moving way more than just the forearms.
❌Neck Over-Extended- during the negative, shoulders come forward, neck over-extends causing the spine to break alignment.

🚨Hammer Curl
🚨Hammer Curl

3 Things to Include:
✅Spine Aligned- You may have to practice in a mirror; keeping spine fully aligned will ensure that your core is engaged properly and you remain injury free.
✅Neck Aligned With Spine- Rather than looking forward / up in front of you, keep eyes on the ground. This keeps your neck and spine aligned resulting in a safer exercise.
✅Full Range of Motion- Make sure to extend all the way up top for a full muscle contraction. At the bottom at least come down to a parallel angle at your elbows or go all the way to the ground with your chest.

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