Chest & Triceps Super-Set Workout | Guide

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🔥 Chest & Triceps Super-Set Workout 💪🏾

Today we will look at 2 mosh exercises on the chest and triceps that we will perform in a super set

🔥Chest & Triceps Super-Set Workout 💪🏾
🔥Chest & Triceps Super-Set Workout 💪🏾

💪 Bench press & Lying Triceps Extention 👇

Bench press
Bench press

What muscles work in bench press?


  • Chest muscles (large and small thoracic);
  • Fore fascicles of deltoid muscles;
  • Triceps;
  • Toothed and beak-brachial muscles.

🚨 Correct execution technique Bench press

Correct execution technique Bench press
Correct execution technique Bench press
  • Take the lying position on the bench for bench press;
  • Grasp the barbell with a straight grip, placing your arms at a level slightly wider than the width of your shoulders;
  • Remove the bar from the supports and begin to lower it to the middle of the chest;
  • With a powerful force, squeeze the bar upwards;
  • Carry out the planned number of repetitions.

💥 Immediately after the bench press is done Lying Triceps Extention 

🔥Lying Triceps Extention
🔥Lying Triceps Extention


🔥 Incline Bench Press & Rope Push-Down

Incline Bench Press
Incline Bench Press

To work on the top of the pectoral muscles, the barbell bench press on the inclined bench perfectly suits. In pressures on an incline bench, the muscles of the upper chest and the front deltas carry the main load.

Bench bar on an incline bench is the best exercise for working the upper pectoral muscles. In most sports halls, inclined benches are usually set too high – at an angle of 45-60 °. It would be ideal to set the bench at an angle of 15-35 °.

💥 Technique of execution Incline Bench Press

Step 1. Raise the back of the bench by 35-40 ° with respect to the horizontal line. Place yourself on the bench, put the soles of your feet wider than your shoulders and rest your feet on the floor. Hips, shoulders and head are snug against the bench.

Step 2. Grasp the bar of the bar, the position of the hands on the top of the neck. The distance between the brushes is slightly more than the width of the shoulders (the width of the grip is the same as when benching on a horizontal bench).


Step 3. Inhale and hold the breath, slowly lower the bar to the upper fragment of the pectoral muscle. Touch to the barbell.

Step 4. On exhalation, press the barbell up.

After the exercise Incline Bench Press follow immediately Rope Push-Dow 👉

Rope Push-Dow
Rope Push-Dow
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