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🔥 Incline Leg Press 👇

 Incline Leg Press 
Incline Leg Press

Technique of execution  Incline Leg Press 

To make the exercise as effective as possible, the right technique should be followed. Let’s analyze it in detail:

  1. We set the angle of the backrest by 45 °.
  2. Sit down in the simulator and tightly press the lower back to the soft back.
  3. We lean the feet to the mobile platform and raise them to shoulder level.
  4. Straighten the knees, lift the weight and remove the supports supporting the platform, to the sides.
  5. We take hold of the hilt, we bend our knees on the inhalation and lower the weight. We stretch the muscles of our legs and perform the bench press with an exhalation.
  6. After completing the necessary number of repetitions, we reduce the stops and gently lower the platform on them.


How to  Incline Leg Press 
How to  Incline Leg Press
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