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🚨Incline Cable Flyes in crossover on the bench. 

Incline Cable Flyes in crossover on the bench
Incline Cable Flyes in crossover on the bench

Incline Cable Flyes –This is an isolated exercise that pumps your breasts perfectly. It differs from the push of dumbbells in that there is a constant tension in the muscles of the chest throughout the amplitude of the exercise and allows you to better work the inside. Incline Cable Flyes in the crossover less load elbow joints than the push of dumbbells.


✅ Depending on the slope of the bench, different muscles work:

  • lying down on the bench, loads more of the lower chest;
  • lying on a horizontal bench, loads the middle of the pectoral muscles;
  • lying on a bench at an angle of 30-40 degrees, loads the top of the chest.


✅ Initial position.

Take a bench suitable for you and place it in the center of the crossover. Lie down on the bench so that the middle of the chest is at the level of the wheels from the cables. Legs spread on the width of the shoulders and rest them on the floor. For a more isolated variant, lift your feet up, put them with heels on a bench or keep them crossed, weight will be less, but the insulation is much larger. Bend the lower back and strain the extensors of the back. Another option is to fully press the lower back to the bench, so you will increase the isolation of the pectoral muscles. The back, the pelvis and the neck are pressed to the bench, the shoulder blades together, the waist and the legs are in the position of your choice. Take hold of the crossover handles and bring them together, if you are uncomfortable, ask your partner to help you. Use only D-shaped handles. Handles take in the lock, palms to each other. Hands slightly bend at the elbows and hold so throughout the exercise.

🚨 Technique of execution Incline Cable Flyes

We begin the exercise from the top position. Take a breath and start lowering the handles down the arc. Lower it is until the arms are at the level of your shoulders. The elbows look down and are always half-bent. Together with the exhalation on the effort, take your hands together. As if hugging a small barrel on his chest. Hands must touch at the top, stay there for a short time. Straighten the chest and lower them.




  • To refine the pectoral muscles at the upper point, straighten the elbows more, but not until the end.
  • Take weight so as to perform 12 to 8 times.

❌ Errors in execution Incline Cable Flyes

  • Too much lowering of hands.
  • Completely straightened hands.

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