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🚨Incline Dumbbell Bench Proper Form🚨


🚨Incline Dumbbell Bench Proper Form
🚨Incline Dumbbell Bench Proper Form

The dumbbell bench on an inclined bench differs from the horizontal one in several nuances: the angle of the back and your movements. Press dumbbells on an inclined bench at angles of 45 and 30 degrees, it makes sense to do after a basic bench press with a barbell.

❌Incline Dumbbell Bench
❌Incline Dumbbell Bench

Major mistakes Incline Dumbbell Bench

  1. Pay attention to the following errors and try not to allow them: If you choose too much weight, then during execution you will involuntarily make jerks. The movement will be wrong, it will be difficult to stabilize it, but in the end you can simply not hold the weight.
  2. A very important nuance – during the exercise, try to draw your elbows to the sides of the body at a right angle. That is, the right and left shoulders in the lower position form one straight line, when viewed from above. When you press your elbows to the body, or hold them closer to your head, the meaning of the exercise is lost.
✅Incline Dumbbell Bench
✅Incline Dumbbell Bench
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