Lower Body Workout for Growth | Guide

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Best Science-Based Lower Body Workout for Growth

Based Lower Body Workout
Based Lower Body Workout

Variants of working out the lower body, with different exercises and the type of activity on the part of the muscles

Barbell Back Squats (Quadriceps Emphasis)

  1. The movement begins with the pelvis back – as if you want to sit on an invisible chair. The weight of the barbell at the same time shifted to the heels. This position maximizes quadriceps and allows them to show their full strength. In addition, the center of gravity is shifted slightly back, shifting all the burdens to the largest muscle groups.
  2. The depth of the squat can be either parallel to the floor, or lower. Beginners are encouraged to begin to squat exactly to the level when the biceps of the hips are parallel to the floor. During the squat, the gaze is straight and the back is perfectly level.


  • The squat should be accompanied by the emphasis of the heels on the floor. A very common mistake is to try to get up with an emphasis on socks. This technique radically changes the biomechanics of the exercise, destabilizes the equilibrium position and increases the risk of injury. In addition, it is necessary to exclude springy movements of the knees at the bottom point.
  • At the top of the exercise, do not unbend the knee, but keep it slightly bent. This will remove the traumatic load from the knees. Inhale and proceed to the next repetition.
  • The pace of squatting with a barbell should be uniform, without jerking movements anywhere on the amplitude. Another blunder of many athletes is the technique in which the pelvis rises first, and then the knee joints begin to unbend.
Barbell Back Squats (Quadriceps Emphasis)
Barbell Back Squats (Quadriceps Emphasis)

Romanian Deadlifts (Hamstrings/Glutes Emphasis)

Romanian Deadlifts (Hamstrings/Glutes Emphasis)
Romanian Deadlifts (Hamstrings/Glutes Emphasis)

Frequent mistakes when doing exercises Romanian Deadlifts

Error number 1. Round back

The most common mistake that negates all the effectiveness of the exercise and leads to frequent spinal injuries.

Conclusion: As at the time of removal of the barbell from the floor (start phase), and at the top point, the back should be strained with a perfectly straight spine.

Error number 2. The barbell is far from the legs

Very often, the athlete does not reach the barbell with his feet, as a result of which it moves far from the legs.

Conclusion: The barbell should be located as close as possible to the legs (slightly touching them when performing).

Error number 3. Elbow bend arms

When the weight of the projectile becomes significant, the athlete can not always hold the barbell due to the strength of the hands and forearms, the grip is weakened, and by flexing the arms, you want to “straighten” the bar.

Conclusion: If you have a weak grip, then take less weight or use special straps.

Bulgarian Split Squats (Quads/Hams/Glutes Emphasis)

Bulgarian Split Squats (Quads/Hams/Glutes Emphasis)
Bulgarian Split Squats (Quads/Hams/Glutes Emphasis)

Glute Ham Raise (hamstring emphasis)

  1. Make sure your knees are slightly bent at the legs during the entire exercise. If your knees are fully straightened in your legs, first of all, there will be an additional load on the knee joints (this is bad), + the bicep of the thigh will take over the entire load, and the buttocks will not get a load
  2. Next, bend the back so that it is on the same level with the line of the legs; at the same time, make sure that they are rounded (and not straightened).
Glute Ham Raise (hamstring emphasis)
Glute Ham Raise (hamstring emphasis)
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