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🚨Long Bar Rows🚨 


Long Bar Rows
✅ Long Bar Rows

T-bar Row – is related to the basic movements for working out the back massif, in particular the development of the broadest muscles. However, at the moment of movement, the whole muscle mass of the upper part of the body is globally involved:

  • large round muscles;
  • the back of the deltoids;
  • biceps muscle of the arm;
  • podostny muscle;
  • at cultivation of shoulders – a long head of a triceps and big pectoral;
  • at the time of the shoulder blades, the forearm flexors, the middle part of the trapezium and the rhomboid muscles.
Long Bar Rows
✅ Long Bar Rows

Before proceeding with the sets, be sure to refer to the warm-up movements – usually a couple of approaches for 10-15 repetitions with minimum weight are enough to prepare the muscles for serious work and “tune” the neuromuscular connection.

Since the classic version of the exercise is related to polyarticular, and, therefore, by definition, difficult, it is recommended to include in the program as a “starting” for the back muscles. The main approaches are performed in the mid-repeat range from 8 to 12 times. The optimum load is given by its combination with basic pull-ups with a wide grip.

Long Bar Rows
✅ Long Bar Rows


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