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🚨 How to Dumbbell Row

✅ The dumbbell row or one-arm db row is one of the most effective back-strengthening exercises, as it allows you to focus on your lats, traps, and other muscles without relying heavily on any one side of the body to do the maximum work.


How to Dumbbell Row
How to Dumbbell Row


✅ It helps highlight the strength imbalances in your muscle groups while working over a greater range of motion than the barbell version. Aside from other benefits, it also gives you the strength needed to perform other lifting exercises thereby increasing your performance.

🚨 How to do One Arm Dumbbell Row

✅ Set up for the dumbbell row by placing a medium-heavy dumbbell (weighing about 25 lbs) on each side of a flat bench. Place your right leg at one end on top of the bench and bend forward from your waist until the torso is parallel to the ground. For support, put your right hand at the other end of the flat bench. Grab the dumbbell with your left hand and hold it with a neutral grip. Keeping your upper body stationary and upper arm close to the body, pull the weight up to the side of the chest. Lower the weight down to the initial position and do the reps before switching to the other side.


Single Arm Dumbbell Row Tips
✅ Single Arm Dumbbell Row Tips


🚨 Single Arm Dumbbell Row Tips

  • Focus on squeezing your back and shoulder muscles once you assume the full contraction at the top of the movement.
  • Avoid keeping your head up and straight because it may cause pain in your spine. Try to keep your head in a neutral position
  • Do not tuck in or flare out your elbows to the sides. Also, make sure that you do not lift the elbow past your body.
  • Perform it using a low or high pulley to maintain continuous tension over your back muscles.


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