How to Tate Press Proper Form with Dumbbells, Technique

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How to Do Tate Press

Consider a not very popular but very effective exercise tate press.

How to Do Tate Press
Tate Press Workout


Tate press – is another exercise aimed at workout the triceps muscle, which can be performed with dumbbells on a horizontal bench.
This exercise is not as popular and common as, for example, the French press with a barbell but sometimes used by athletes to isolation in standard press variation.

What Muscles Work in Tate press

As it was said above, the exercise is aimed at the workout of the triceps. Three heads of Triceps brachium.

  • Lateral head
  • Long Head
  • Medial Head

You can read another variation of triceps workout.

Technique of performing Tate Press 

The Tate press usually executing lying on a straight horizontal bench or just on the floor. Supporters of the exercise on the floor as an advantage usually note a more stable position of the body. You can try both options and find the most optimal and convenient for yourself.

tate move
Triceps Press in the Move

We will consider the more common – lying on the bench:

  1. Take dumbbells with a direct grip and settle on a horizontal bench for bench press. Lift the dumbbells upwards – squeeze them above yourself. Dumbbells are on the width of the shoulders, elbows should be directed to the sides. We will consider this position as the starting point.
  2. Lower the dumbbells by exhale along a trajectory that resembles a semicircle – down and inward towards the chest. In this case, the arms from the shoulder to the elbow should remain as possible in the same plane. At the bottom of the dumbbell almost touch the upper chest.
  3. On the same trajectory on exhalation dumbbells rise upwards. Lifting should occur due to the maximum tension of the triceps. At the top point, the dumbbells again come together, you can stay for a couple of seconds, then the dumbbells again go down to the lowest point. Carry out the required number of repetitions.

Throughout the amplitude, perform movements smoothly and under control. Do not move your shoulders and do not put dumbbells on your chest at the bottom point.

Perform 4 sets of 10-12 reps.

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