Bicep Exercises | The Best Training Program

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Biceps – is the muscle of the shoulder. He is the beloved male muscle group, comparable in popularity except to the pectoral ones. To make this part of the body look really impressive, the biceps training program will help you, which we will talk about in this article.

The Best for Building Muscle


Working biceps weight selection!

The following recommendation applies to working weights in biceps exercises, pace, and extreme points. The weight in the exercise should be such that you can slowly and controllably bend and extend your arms. At the same time, at the time of flexion, you should feel the work of the biceps of the shoulder, and not the latitudinal, pectoral or deltas. Range – at least 10-12 “pure” repetitions. If your case is included in the work, and the elbows go far forward – take less weight.

It is not necessary to lower the weight completely on straight arms – keep the tone in the biceps of the shoulder. In addition, the situation with straightened elbow joints overloads the latter and is fraught with trauma to the biceps tendon. At the top point, you should not bend your arm as much as possible – the projectile you are working with should not be above the elbow joint and, accordingly, the biceps should not relax at the top point of the amplitude – on the contrary, there should be a peak contraction. At this point, it is useful to linger for 1-2 seconds and only then smoothly straighten your elbows. The pace is slow, in the ratio of accounts it looks like this: rise-upper point-lowering = 2-1-3.

Best Biceps Exercises

Basic for biceps will be only one exercise – pulling a narrow grip. In addition to the elbow, it also involves the shoulder joint.

pulling a narrow grip


The muscles of the back are actively involved in this movement, so “catching” the work of the biceps is not so simple. It will be useful for beginners to use a simulator that facilitates pull-ups due to the counterweight.

When performing this exercise, try not to fully extend your elbows. The straps do not need to be used. If you are unable to feel the target muscle group – exclude the exercise from the program, biceps is one of the few muscles that needs isolation.

Isolating exercises

Among the exercises that we defined as “isolating”, the following movements are suitable for the greatest number of participants:

Curl barbell


  1. Curl of the arms with a barbell standing medium and narrow grip. Depending on the mobility of the wrist joints, an EZ-bar or a straight bar is used. Most visitors to fitness clubs do it wrong, picking up too much working weight and helping themselves with a body and shoulders.
  2. Curl arms with dumbbells standing. Hands can be supinated throughout the exercise, or supination occurs in the first third of the movement. You can bend your arms at the same time – you get an alternative to the first exercise, or alternately.
  3. Curl arms with dumbbells sitting on an inclined bench. One of the best biceps exercises. Here it is initially in a stretched position, in addition, you will be less likely to read, as it will not work to swing the case. You can also do it immediately with both hands or alternately.

Biceps Training Program 

Exercises Number Repetitions
Curl Arms with barbell 4 10-12
Dumbbells Curl on a Scott Bench 3 10
Hammer Curl sitting on Inclined Bench 3 10-12


Home workout program

To train your biceps at home, you will need the simplest additional equipment: horizontal bar, rubber expander and / or dumbbells. They will not take up much space, but will help to train more efficiently.


A sample exercise program for biceps at home looks like this:

Exercise Number of repetitions
Narrow back grip pull-ups 4х12-15
Dumbbell curls / with expander 4х12
Concentrated Dumbbell Arm Curls 4х12
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