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I trained for a long time using the most common and very practical three-time split:

  1. Monday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
  2. Wednesday: Back, biceps
  3. Saturday: Legs

It is still popular and logical in its own way. On one day, all the press groups of muscles are trained, on the other, all the traction groups, a separate training day is allocated for the legs.

  • Starting training with exercises on such a large and strong muscle group as the back, I spent most of my energy on doing all kinds of pull-ups and pulls. And when the turn came to exercise for biceps, I already had no strength left for a full training of biceps.
  • Most exercises for the back, in addition to the latissimus muscles, actively include the muscles of the hands. And if I still found the strength to perform biceps exercises, after training the back, I overloaded the already tired hands with heavy barbell lifts. And since the forearms were also tired, I could only raise the bar with the help of cheating. From an exercise for biceps, this exercise turned into something completely different, but absolutely useless for biceps.
  • The option to start the lesson with biceps exercises, and only then move on to training the back, was also losing. Having tired the biceps and forearms, it is impossible to fully load the widest back.

And my training program for biceps on the mass ceased to be traditional and acquired the following form:

Week 1

  • Monday: Legs (heavy), chest (easy)
  • Wednesday: Shoulders (heavy), back (light)
  • Saturday: Biceps (heavy), triceps (easy)

Week 2

  • Monday: Chest (heavy), legs (light)
  • Wednesday: Back (heavy), shoulders (light)
  • Saturday: Triceps (hard), biceps (easy)

This went on for six weeks and during this period I was able to increase my arms, although mainly due to triceps, by 1.5 cm. I have not yet been able to train biceps effectively. But since then I have used the principle of specialization repeatedly and always successfully.

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