Olympic Ez Curl Bar: Types, Benefits – Workout Guide

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Olympic EZ Curl Bar Variation Exercises

A narrow grip Olympic EZ curl bar pumping the long head of the biceps, and the EZ Bar unloads the back and wrists. 

How to Do Olympic Ez Curl Bar
Olympic EZ Curl Bar Workout


Use this exercise in conjunction with other curls on the biceps, and you will see the result much faster.

Benefits of Olympic Ez Curl Bar on the Biceps Narrow Grip

In order to evenly pump the long and short heads of the biceps arm muscle, it will not be enough for you to have direct barbell – grip, barbell shape, and working weight must be changed. That’s why you need the EZ-bar, which puts your wrists in a more comfortable position and helps you concentrate on bending without looking for balance.

Tips for Executing – Olympic EZ Curl Bar

  1. Stand up straight, strain the abdomen muscles;
  2. The EZ Curl Bar should be at the level of the belt in the hands, turned palms up;
  3. Slowly raise the weight, you need fully raise your hands, and control curl;
  4. Lower the EZ barbell curl to the original position;
  5. Remember – move should only forearms, shoulders should be stable
EZ Bar CURL Narrow Grips
How to Do EZ Bar CURL Narrow Grips


1. How to Do Straight EZ Curl Bar:

  • Hold the EZ bar with a narrow grip. Palms at the same time look in front, elbows are pressed to the body;
  • This begin position and starting the exercise;
  • On a breath, raise the EZ bar to shoulder level. Keep arms and shoulders still. The work includes only the forearm;
  • The rises of the EZ bar take place until the biceps are completely reduced, and the EZ bar is not at the level of the shoulders;
  • Pause for 1-2 seconds, maximize tension your biceps;
  • On inhalation slowly lower the EZ bar to its original position;
  • Follow the necessary number of repetitions, usually 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions with the maximum weighting with which you can do, by completing the last 2-3 lifts

2. Biceps Olympic EZ Curl Bar on the Scott Bench

  • Inventory: “Scott’s bench”, EZ bar.
  • Main muscles: brachial muscle, biceps.
  • Additional muscles: all muscles of the forearm.
  • Level of preparation: from elementary to professional.
Howw to Do Biceps curl the scott bench
Biceps curl the Scott bench exercises

The main load when bending the arms on the “Scott’s bench” lies on the bottom of the biceps.


Focus on the wrists;

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Due to the EZ bar shape, the position of the wrists is always in the same position!

  • Step 1. Sit on the Scott bench and place your hands on the stand. Take the barbell with a wide grip.
  • Step 2. Bending your elbows, raise the bar to face level.
  • Step 3. Slowly lower the bar to its original position.


The load distribution can vary significantly depending on the angle of the bench, the width of the grip, and the amplitude of movement. Therefore, do not rush, but do a few warm-up sets, changing the height of the bench to find your option.
The hardest part of the amplitude is the start of the climb. In the last repetitions, do not lower the barbell to its original position, leave your elbows slightly bent. This will increase the intensity of the exercise.


In order to pump biceps, you will only need these 2 exercises using the Olympic EZ curl bar.
If your biceps is a lagging muscle group, you can pump it with these two powerful exercises 2 times a week, combining it with large muscle groups such as the chest or back.

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