Pin Loaded – Biceps Curl | Guide

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Pin Loaded or Preacher Curl – is an insulating exercise that is aimed at developing the muscles of the biceps and brachialis. Exercise is an alternative to Scott’s Bench.

bicep on the Scott's bench

Exercise Preacher Curl should be performed at the end of the workout to fill the target biceps muscle with blood that have already received the main load in the basic exercises.

Varieties of Biceps curl (with a standard barbell, a barbell with an EZ bar, with dumbbells) executing on a bench for working with free weights, as well as twisting with one or two hands on the simulator, are often modified by bodybuilders.
The bench helps to avoid cheating and focus the entire load directly on the biceps with maximum concentration.

Technique of execution biceps curl:

Conveniently take a sitting position in the Pin Loaded for curl your biceps, set the working weight to perform the movement.
Set the backrest so high that your armpits fit snugly on the board in the sitting position.

Put your hands (resting on triceps) on the platform of the Preacher Curl and firmly grasp the handles of the simulator, while using a supinated grip (palms up).

  • When your hands are placed on the site of the simulator, the elbows are fixed and motionless.
  • When you’r take a breath, lift the arms of the simulator, contracting the muscles of the biceps. At the top point of the amplitude, you can make a short pause for a second and hold the contraction in the biceps.
  • As you inhale, lower the handles slowly down to their start position.
  • Do 3 to 4 sets, 10 -15 reps.

Execution Features

  1. The elbow support must be installed for yourself so that the upper part is in the middle of the chest and rests on the armpits when bending the arms. If the “preacher curl” elbow support is above this level, then the elbows of the hands will hang in the air and the exercise will be performed incorrectly.
  2. When moving, do not bend your arms completely at the elbow, stop them at about 2/3 of the amplitude and do not bring them to a vertical position, since the muscles of the biceps must maintain maximum tension at the highest point of the amplitude.

Execution Options

Alternatively, you can use the Cable Hammer Curl unit, either separately or in combination with Scott’s bench.

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