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Squat exercises!

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No doubt, Squats with the barbell on the shoulders are the best known exercises for working out the whole body, improving health, increasing energy, improving the functions of internal organs, rapidly building muscle mass.

Squats with a barbell-movement, in which a person can lift as much weight as possible. World records in this movement are near the mark of five hundred kilograms, or even surpass it! The effectiveness of squats is undeniable. If I was offered to do just one exercise, I would choose squats from the whole set.

squats exercises



The purpose of sit-ups.

Isolated elaboration of the lower quadriceps.

Features of the exercise.
The exercise was initially known as “Sisyphus squats”, named after the ancient Greek character. The proposed movement is an alternative to leg extensions in the sitting simulator. Squats are a real find for athletes, during vacations, business trips and other forced breaks in a regular visit to the gym.

Initial position.

Variants of setting feet:

  • The legs stand as wide as possible, the emphasis will go to the inside of the thigh.
  • Legs on the width of the shoulders, the emphasis will go to the back of the thigh.
  • The legs are already shoulder, the load will lie on the front surface of the thigh.

The technique of doing sit-ups with a barbell on the shoulders


Begin crouching from the buttocks, pulling the pelvis back. As you move down, take a breath. The weight of the body lies in the middle of the foot, the knees do not go beyond the socks. Squat to parallel the thigh with the floor or slightly lower. Always keep the waist with the deflection, do not lower the body forward. To maximize the load on the buttocks, it is necessary to squat as deeply as possible. For beginners, the advice is: squat until you can keep your lower back in tension and until your heels begin to break away from the floor. Having reached the parallel with the floor, immediately start lifting up. Exhale only when you pass a difficult stretch of squat. At the end of the exercise, the legs can be left slightly bent at the knees and hip joint, which will keep the muscles in tension all the time.

Advice by Squat exercises

Squat exercises
Squat exercises



  • If, due to physiology, your heels come off the floor, put under the heels of pancakes 1.25 kg.
  • Squatting and lifting do not tear off your heels, do not tilt your back, do not take your
  • Knees out of your socks.
  • Knees should look towards the socks.
  • Wear an athletic belt for extra back protection.
  • Do squats the first exercise in leg training.
  • Try to squat below the parallel with the floor.
  • It is very important to follow the symmetry – do not fall on one leg, make sure that
  • there is no skewing of the bar up / bottom and left / right.

Errors when doing squats with a barbell on the shoulders

  1. Tilting your back forward is the most common error when climbing up.
  2. The shift of the load from the middle of the foot to the socks.
  3. Reducing the knees when lifting due to weak legs.

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