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Incline with dumbbells to the side on oblique abdominal muscles

oblique workout


Torso bends to the sides with dumbbells are performed by athletes to strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen and reduce the waist. However, despite the simple technique, this exercise is often included in the training process incorrectly, which leads to exactly the opposite results. The waist increases in width due to the development of the musculature, and the fatty layer does not shrink by a centimeter. Let’s figure out how to do the slopes in the sides, in order to achieve the very goal you planned, in particular – weight loss.

Muscle work


When you make lateral inclines with dumbbells or other weights, the main load is accounted for by the external oblique muscles of the abdomen. It is they who, with good work, create a characteristic curve of the silhouette. Additionally included direct muscle of the abdomen, internal oblique and stabilizers.

Also, by performing a lateral slope, you create a certain load on the lumbar spine. Therefore it is extremely important to observe the correct technique. It is not recommended to do torso of the trunk in the presence of any problems with the back.

Technique of doing the exercise

Bending to the sides with weights is a simple exercise. It is easily given even by beginners.

The technique of performing the exercise is as follows:

  • The feet should be placed on the width of the shoulders. In one hand, take a dumbbell, put the other on the waistband or put it by the head.
  • The muscles of the press must be strained, the shoulders spread out, the hips locked (they should not move left-right), and the coccyx to tighten forward. The deflection in the lower back is absent.
  • Do slopes should be in a strictly vertical plane to a comfortable position. First, bend aside from the dumbbells (the opposite side of the body at that moment is stretched), then gently move to the slope away from the dumbbell (at this moment just work oblique muscles). During the movement of the press is strained, it does not relax for a second. The dumbbell moves strictly along the leg.
  • If it is difficult to execute a lateral slope on straight legs, knees can be slightly bent

Variants of diet for weight loss and discharge of excess fat on the sides are shown below in the picture:

oblique workout
Variants of diet for weight loss and discharge of excess fat on the sides


Variations of exercise

In the absence of dumbbells, the torso inclination to the side can be made: Without inventory.

  1. In this case, both hands are fixed on the belt.
  2. To somewhat complicate the task – you can raise the linked hands over your head.
  3. With a bar from the bar or a bodybar on the shoulders.
  4. In the crossover (when tilted, the upper block is pulled down one hand).
  5. With Kettlebell, weighting or any other burdening.

In general, to use or not different slopes in the sides in their training program, everyone decides for himself. However, having understood how to do them correctly, you are guaranteed to be able to strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

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