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Pumping Huge Arms

Almost every beginner, and not only, the athlete dreams of beautiful, large, juicy hands. Yes, that so. I think that absolutely ALL men on the planet Earth dream about it. In today’s article we will consider a lot of interesting, practical moments about which, most likely you did not think or did not know. The article will be useful to both men and girls who dream of beautiful hands.


biceps exercises
Pumping Huge Arms



For the growth of the muscles of the hands, as for all other muscles, we must solve only three problems:

  • LOAD PROGRESS. Perhaps, the main rule, since the muscles will not grow if there is no growth in weight
  • The LOAD MUST FALL EXACTLY ON THE TARGET. (You need to learn to feel the muscles that you want to develop, and exclude the rest of the muscle from the work).
  • MUST RECOVERY. (fractional meals 6-12 times a day + sleep 8-10 hours).

If we talk about the hands, we should concentrate on the following muscles:

We leave links to the training of individual parts of the hands below, use them to learn exercises


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