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Exercise of Sumo’s deadlift: the theoretical side of the question

How to Sumo Deadlift



Sumo’s long thrust is due to this unusual name for Sumo sportsmen, who are known for their impressive “fat” mass and a special type of rack with widely diverged legs. In exercise, more than 55% of all muscle groups of the athlete’s body are involved.

Deadlift equally pumped the largest muscular massifs – the legs and back of the athlete. If there is only one deadlift in your training program, do not worry because of the small number of exercises, because when you do it, you simultaneously perform 8 movements: bench press, bend legs, socks, back, twisting of the press, wrist bending , shrug and traction with straight hands.

Exercise deadlift Sumo: the practical side of the question

Of course, the exercise is technically quite complex, and improper execution of it can lead to at least an unreliable load of muscles and, as a maximum, to trauma. Therefore, clearly follow the steps below.

Step # 1.

Equip the bar, hanging the working weight on it. Approach closely to the projectile and put your feet much wider than the shoulders (fingers spread stop at 45 degrees). Sit in such a position that your straight hands can take the bar grip from above. Cumulatively strain the entire muscular corset. Look in front of you. This is the starting position.

Step # 2.

Deeply inhale and at the expense of the muscles of the feet raise the bar. Keep your back straight, straighten out. Do an exhalation on the hardest part of the climb.


deadlift Sumo


It is also necessary to remember the observance of the following technical aspects:

  • When performing a deadlift in the style of sumo, you must get up (from the sitting position) with the barbell, and not pull it.
  • The line of motion of the knee joint and the foot should coincide;
  • So that the knees do not close in, it is necessary to select adequate weights;
  • The shin should be vertical to the floor;
  • If you have strong legs, then start should start from a lower set, if a strong back – you need to shift the load on it, slightly lifting the pelvis;
  • The lift of the barbell should be flowing, no jerks;
  • The heel should become your projection of the center of gravity;
  • Before deadlift always perform hyperextension exercise, this will prepare your back for the upcoming loads;
  • The bar slides along the leg throughout the movement.

Today, we have examined as much as possible the exercise, like the deadlift of sumo. Now you know how and what to do, it’s up to the small thing – try it all in practice, also watch the video at the beginning of the article!

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