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Mistakes When Performing Bench Press




These errors during the bench press are performed not only by beginners. Check the correctness of your technique, so that the work on the muscles of the torso does not turn into a serious injury.

Wrong grip

Some grasp the barbell so that all the fingers are on the same side, including the large one. This position of the hands is also called suicide bite, since the bar can very easily and quickly slip out of the hands and fall on the chest, throat or face.

So held the weight of the bodybuilding stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman, so many follow the example of their idols. But what is good for pros, does not always suit the amateur. Yes, this grip creates less pressure on the wrist, but if the bar starts to slip out of the hands, there will not be a thumb on its way that can stop this fall. The consequences can be very sad. At best, you will break a pair of ribs, at worst you will die with a crushed skull or throat.

The ideal option – to use a full grip, when the fingers fit snugly against the barbell, and the thumb insures it on the other side.

If your wrists begin to hurt, just lower the bar below and closer to your wrists.

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