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How to Ab Wheel Proper Form | Exercise Videos & Guides

How to Ab Wheel Proper Form Ab wheel is an accessible simulator that allows you to load the muscles of the press well. Its compactness...

Landmine 180-Abdominal & Oblique Superset | Videos & Guides

Landmine 180 Abdominal Exercises Landmine 180 - An exercise created for the oblique abdominal muscles and the entire press, it is very similar to the twisting...

How to Hanging Knee Raises | Exercise Videos & Guides

Lifting the legs Knee on the pull-up bar (Hanging Knee Raises)  - we load the abdominal in full! Lifting the Hanging Knee Raises can rightfully...

Abdominal complex exercises – with fitball

Today we will consider twisting a with a ball or on fitball - we work out the abdominal muscles! Twists on the fitball are an...

Ab strong exercises | 5 Core Workouts

Set of exercises for the press!   WHAT TO DO WHAT THE PRESS WAS VISIBLE? In order for our AB to look like a million dollars, we...

🚨Best Ab Exercises – Our Top 5 Abs Exercises

🔥Work Your Abs to Exhaustion To see the cubes in your press, you need, first, to monitor your food. It really depends on what your...

The Best Obliques Exercises | Video Training & photo

Incline with dumbbells to the side on oblique abdominal muscles Now our cool workouts you can watch in the video format. Subscribe!  Torso bends to the...

How to “Frog Press” | Exercise for ABS & Video

"Frog" for the press - a technique for "Frog Press" exercises Frog pull-ups or "frog exercise" is one of the types of twists on the...

🚨Overkill ABS workout

🔥 We train the addominal in a complex way. ✅ Do it 8 exercises with pics! ✅ We examine one of the options for training the abdominal muscles and...


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