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How to Ab Wheel Proper Form | Exercise Videos & Guides

How to Ab Wheel Proper Form Ab wheel is an accessible simulator that allows you to load the muscles of the press well. Its compactness...

Landmine 180-Abdominal & Oblique Superset | Videos & Guides

Landmine 180 Abdominal Exercises Landmine 180 - An exercise created for the oblique abdominal muscles and the entire press, it is very similar to the twisting...

How to Hanging Knee Raises | Exercise Videos & Guides

Lifting the legs Knee on the pull-up bar (Hanging Knee Raises)  - we load the abdominal in full! Lifting the Hanging Knee Raises can rightfully...

Abdominal complex exercises – with fitball

Today we will consider twisting a with a ball or on fitball - we work out the abdominal muscles! Twists on the fitball are an...

Ab strong exercises | 5 Core Workouts

Set of exercises for the press!   WHAT TO DO WHAT THE PRESS WAS VISIBLE? In order for our AB to look like a million dollars, we...

🚨Best Ab Exercises – Our Top 5 Abs Exercises

🔥Work Your Abs to Exhaustion To see the cubes in your press, you need, first, to monitor your food. It really depends on what your...

The Best Obliques Exercises | Training & Diet

Incline with dumbbells to the side on oblique abdominal muscles Torso bends to the sides with dumbbells are performed by athletes to strengthen the oblique...

How to “Frog Press” | Exercise for ABS & Video

"Frog" for the press - a technique for "Frog Press" exercises Frog pull-ups or "frog exercise" is one of the types of twists on the...

🚨Overkill ABS workout

🔥 We train the addominal in a complex way. ✅ Do it 8 exercises with pics! ✅ We examine one of the options for training the abdominal muscles and...



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