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Landmine 180 Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal & Oblique

Landmine 180 – An exercise created for the oblique abdominal muscles and the entire press, it is very similar to the twisting exercise, but differs from it in that it is performed with the barbell and is initially intended for oblique abdominal muscles

Landmine 180's

How to Perform Ladman 180

  1. Take a barbell that you need to stop at the corner of the wall with an empty end or use a special Ladmayne simulator, but it is often absent in most of the hall due to not being popular
  2. support the rod and put it on your shoulder, your hands are bent and holds the barbell, this is the starting position
  3. Pull up the barbell as if squeezing it and carry it to the other side of the shoulder as if curling 180 degrees
  4. Go off to the starting position I use already adjacent shoulder and repeat also with twisting for the other side

Do 4 sets of 20-25 repetitions with an average weight, then weight is not as important as technique performance


This is the most powerful and, perhaps, the most effective exercise for the press of all presented, exercise number one. The muscles of the abdominal press are treated completely, with all kinds of loads, in addition, by changing the angle of the pelvic bending, you can also work out oblique abdominal muscles. Unfortunately, not many people are doing it, primarily because of the weakness of the grip, when it does not work for a long time on the crossbar – the fingers get tired faster than the abdominal. However, the problem can be solved using the wrist straps


Technique of execution hanging leg raises

execution hanging leg raises

  • Jump and take hold of the crossbar. If you can not get to it, use a small bench or stand.
  • Most importantly, to hang on your straightened legs and arms, you did not reach the floor. In the event that you have a very weak grip, use special straps.
  • Legs and arms are fully straightened. The back is slightly bent in the lower back.
  • Stop breathing, pull your legs back slightly and tighten them as high as possible with a strong movement.
  • Try to keep your legs straight (but not motionless at the knees).
  • Raise your hips above the waist level! From above, further tighten the press and try to hold in this position for a few seconds.
  • Slowly lower your legs, stop for a few moments and perform the following repetition.
  • Those who find it difficult to perform an exercise with straight (slightly bent) legs are allowed to bend them more. The main thing at the same time – do not change the angle in the knees until the end of the lifting of the legs in the hang.

Do 3-4 sets of 15 reps!

hanging leg raises with bent legs

The technique of lifting the bent legs on the crossbar is the same option as raising the legs even, only more lightweight, there is less work press, so we recommend adding light twisting when lifting

hanging leg raises with bent legs

Do 3-4 sets of 15 reps!

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