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Working muscles with Barbell Overhead Press

  • Deltoid muscles (mainly front and middle fascicles);
  • Triceps;
  • Pectoralis;
  • Trapeze;

Barbell Overhead Press


Technique for performing a Barbell Overhead Press

1. Approach the barbell on the rack and grasp the barbell with the upper grip slightly wider than the shoulders. Sit down a little, draw the chest under the barbell, then strain the muscles of the whole body and, straightening, lift the barbell from the racks, so that the barbell touches the upper part of the chest. Take a step back, place your feet shoulder width apart, your feet parallel to each other, your back slightly bent in the lower back, spread your shoulders, and your eyes are straight ahead. This is the starting position.

2. Inhale and, holding your breath, gently lift the barbell until the arms are straightened in the elbows.

3. Hold for a fraction of a second at the top point and on exhalation slowly lower the barbell without touching the chest and not relaxing the muscles at the bottom point.

4. Do the scheduled number of repetitions and only then lower the barbell to the chest, and return it back to the racks.

It is important when you do Barbell Overhead Press:

It is important when you do Barbell Overhead Press



  • A standing barbell press gives serious strain on the lower back and knees, so if you have had any problems with these areas, don’t do it exercises.
  • To master the exercise, perform a press barbell with the lightest weight(say with an empty bar) and even mastering the technique, carefully warm up with lighter weights and do not force weights.
  • When performing the press barbell, do not relax the muscles of the back and the press, and do not tilt the case back, otherwise it may lead to injury.
  • Lifting the weight with the back and legs, you reduce the load on the target muscles (shoulders) and also risk getting injured.

Alternative Exercises

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