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🔥 Press the barbell one arm in the Smith simulator on the front delta

Smith Front Delt Press
Smith Front Delt Press

✅ The purpose of the exercise and the work of the muscles

The exercise is aimed at studying the deltoid muscles. A nice feature is that this press uses the front beam of deltas. Also, the triceps muscles of the shoulder (triceps) can work during execution, but their activation depends on how much you straighten the elbows at the top point. About this below.

✅ Technique Exercise

is performed while sitting in the Smith simulator. Let’s consider an embodiment on a bench sitting with a vertical (or slightly inclined) back.


  1. starting position – sitting on the bench, take the bar with one hand sitting at an angle in the simulator, hand resigning in front of you as in the picture above.Take a breath.
  2. On exhalation push up the bar above your head.
  3. Next, slowly and under control, lower the bar closer to the shoulder (approximately at the base of the neck) and inhale.
  4. On exhalation, squeeze the bar above your head again.
  5. Lower the bar to its original position. This is one repetition. Go to the next and make the necessary number of repetitions.

As mentioned above, performing the exercise, you can more or less involve the triceps. The more you straighten your arms at the top point, the more you load the triceps muscle.

🔥 By the way, the opposite is also true. If you do not straighten your hands to the end, there will be more tension in the shoulders, and the triceps will be slightly unloaded.


Keep track of the sensations, especially if there is discomfort in the shoulder joints. Since the joints in such exercises are the most vulnerable, pre-warm up, do a warm-up.


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