Weight Loss success stories

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Weight Loss success stories




Everyone wants to gain mass. Everyone wants to be shredded. Question is, can you get shredded and get the size you want at the same time?? Should you bulk up first and then cut or cut first and then bulk?! If you’ve ever had one of these questions, this is for you!! (Continue Reading…)

A DIRTY BULK is what I would define as just eating everything in sight as an attempt to put on as much muscle as possible. This method of bulking is definitely effective for people with extremely high metabolisms as long as micronutrients and protein intake are both being hit (most people well-exceed fat and carb intake with a dirty bulk, so really no need to monitor those).

For someone like myself who clearly cannot eat everything in sight and maintain a lean frame, here is what I have seen works best for building lean muscle mass.

First off you need to make up your mind what is most important to you. Are you more concerned with being lean or adding size? It is proven that your body does not naturally build muscle as easily when you are at a calorie deficit and when you are below 10% body fat.

With that being said, if you are fat and do not have much muscle, you need to decide what you want to do first: cut or bulk. I always recommend to new clients with this questions to cut and then approach a lean bulk. Once a client achieves 10-12% body fat;, they are then in a great position to approach a lean bulk.


There are a couple different ways to approach going from a cut to a lean bulk. One way would be to switch your calorie intake from being at a deficit to being at maintenance level and slowly increase calorie intake 100 calories or so for your daily average.

The other option would be to just jump from being at a deficit to being at a 300-500 calorie surplus (daily average).

This is definitely just a basic overview.

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