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All about pull-ups: types, technique, benefits for muscle development.

pull-up technique



Pulling on the crossbar is one of the oldest ways to strengthen the muscles of the back, hands, and the press. Different versions of this exercise will help you to pump your back, biceps, shoulders, strengthen your forearms and wrists.

Work of muscles in different kinds of pull-ups

During pull-ups on a high crossbar several large muscle groups work at once:

  • The widest muscles of the back (they take the bulk of the load), trapezium.
  • Biceps, deltoids, forearms and brushes.
  • Static straight and oblique abdominal muscles work, the muscles-extensors of the back. They support the body in the specified position

Along with the classical performance, very popular:

  1. Pull up a wide grip, creating the maximum load on the widest.
  2. Pull up a narrow reverse grip on the biceps.

Not so popular, but also very effective:


All about pull-ups: types, technique, benefits for muscle development.


  • Pulling up with a parallel grip – are aimed at the biceps and the lower part of the broadest back.
  • A narrow straight grip gives a good load on the shoulder muscles or brachialis (they are located under the biceps).
  • When you pull up a wide grip on the head – the load is on the upper back, including the large round muscles.
  • Pull-up on one hand are used by professional athletes to increase the load. Try to pull up yourself at least once and you will really feel how much this exercise still actual.

There is also such a kind of exercise as negative pull-ups. In this version you rise to the top point, special simulator climbing to the bench or step , but down you go down already due to the strength of your hands and back. This option is recommended for beginners, for which pull-up too hard.

In crossfiting, kipping pulling and its more rapid variety of butterfly are often used. The athlete shakes the body, throwing himself upward due to inertia. This approach allows you to perform more repetitions in the allotted time. However, if you are not a participant in the competition, this method does not make sense, since it creates a dangerous load on the joints.



  • Do the exercise without jerks, smoothly and under control. Such tactics will help you to properly work out the muscles and avoid injuries.
  • If you pull up on a bar with weights sport pancakes, suspended to the waist, between the legs, fasten them. Otherwise they will swing.
  • To load weight only when your number of repetitions has become more than 10.
  • Do not swing while pulling on the crossbar.
  • You can simultaneously do pull-up on the crossbar and train the press – for this, lift the legs of the corner and pull in this position. It will be much more interesting. Thus, it is possible to use pull-ups on the horizontal bar for complex training.

In addition to these recommendations, do not forget to additionally train the lower body.


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