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🚨 Hip Raises Proper Form 🚨

🚨 Hip Raises Proper Form🚨
🚨 Hip Raises Proper Form🚨

What muscles work?

What the exercise trains:

  • The main working muscles: gluteal (medium / large / small), secondary:
  • The muscles of the cortex, the hind / forelegs, the extensor muscles of the spine, calves.
🚨 Hip Raises Proper Form🚨
🚨 Hip Raises Proper Form🚨

The benefit Hip Raises

  • Of working the buttocks without the lack of stress on the lower back (as opposed to squats);
  • The action that forms the basis of the gluteal bridge is similar to the natural one.
  • Therefore, in the course of performing its problems, even beginners do not arise. strengthening the muscles of the press;
  • Excellent stretch for the back of the thigh and buttocks;
  • The ability to perform an exercise with both your own and free weight;
  • Do not need exercise equipment or a gym, you can executing at home. improving the tone (blood circulation) of the pelvic organs and increasing libido.
✅Proper Form
✅Proper Form
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