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🔥 Reverse Flyes

 Reverse Flyes
 🚨 Reverse Flyes

🎯 Reverse Flyes dumbbells standing in a slope uses the following muscles:

  • The main one – the back head of the delta;
  • As synergists – subacute, small round, trapezoidal, rhomboid;
  • As stabilizers – triceps, extensors of the wrist and spine, a large gluteal, leading,
  • Hamstring muscles.

Thus, the exercise helps to strengthen the upper back and the rotator shoulder – the most traumatic part of the shoulders, and in addition – to the balanced and harmonious development of all delta muscles.

🔥 Initial position Reverse Flyes:

  • Legs shoulder width or slightly narrower;
  • The body is inclined, slightly bent in the waist, inclined parallel to the floor;
  • Take in the hands of dumbbells (palms facing each other), arms bend at the elbows, they must be perpendicular to the floor
  • Take a deep breath, and when you exhale, start lifting dumbbells on the sides (elbows slightly bent). Hands should move along the vertical plane, without moving dumbbells forward or backward.
  • Hands climb to the paralele with the floor or slightly lower and on exhalation the dumbbells return to their original position.
  • During a short pause at the lowest point, the dumbbells should touch – this will provide the maximum amplitude of movement with the maximum muscle contraction in the upper part and a deep stretch below.

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