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The Face Pulls is one of the few exercises in which the rear delta works as much as possible.




Instructions Face Pulls

  1. Stand in front of the rope simulator, set the rope or the attachment on the rope with two handles.
  2. Determined with weight.
  3. Take both parts of the rope in your hands away from the simulator as much as it takes to stretch your arms slightly up in the simulator. This is the starting position.
  4. Pull the rope to your face as far as possible. Do the scheduled number of repetitions.

Exercise Face Pulls tips

Exercise Face Pulls tips
Exercise Face Pulls tips


If you feel pain in your lower back while exercising, lean slightly and bend your back. To reduce the load on the trapezium, keep your shoulders down.

The basic muscle group: Delta
Extra muscles: Rear Delta, Mid back
Used equipment: Cable Simulator
Force type: Thrust
Type of Exercise: Basic
Difficulty: medium

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