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Upper Chest & Lower Chest

If it is very exaggerated to represent the ratio of the muscles of the upper, middle and lower parts of the chest, then:


  • TOP: 60%
  • LOWER: 10%

Upper Chest & Lower Chest



How to pump the upper part of pectoral muscles

It is obvious. It is necessary to shift the angle of the load to the pectoral muscles! In other words, the Push barbell incline bench / Dumbbells push on the Inclined Bench, this exercises should be your main exercise, which you must put at the beginning of the workout.

You have to train the part that poor growth! The upper part of the chest is almost not involved in the work in other exercises, so it almost always loses its load, if not trained in a directed manner.

Which angle of the bench to choose?
The question is very important, because Here you need to hit the target exactly, namely, at the top of the pectoral.

  • The higher the angle of inclination, the more front deltas are included in the work.
  • The lower the angle of inclination, the more load goes into the triceps.
  • This point must be taken into account when choosing a bench tilt.

The ideal option, in my opinion, will be an angle equal to 20-30 degrees. 45 degrees already a lot! Strongly involved in the work of the delta and take the load from the pectoral muscles. We do not need this.

We adjust the bench by 20-30 degrees and forward.


Exercise Options upper chest

  1.  Incline Cable Flyes on an incline bench: 2-3 approaches x 12-15 repetitions.
  2. Dumbbell press on an incline bench: 2-3 sets x 12-15 repetitions.


How to pump the lower part of pectoral muscles

This question should not concern those who have just started to engage in bodybuilding, because the primary task at this stage is to strengthen the body and prepare a base for building muscles. In the first months of pumping the bottom of the breast, thinking is not necessary. When you become stronger, you can pump the individual parts of each muscle to achieve the maximum desired result. Below we will give recommendations on the development of the lower part of the breast at home and in the gym.

We pump the lower part of the chest in the gym

We have the following exercises:

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