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✅ Proper execution of the foam roller extension exercises. This is probably one of the best exercises to actively open up the thoracic spine if done properly. Before doing this it may be helpful to warm up with a few sets of cat-cow focusing on extending through the upper back.


✅ After you’ve warmed up a little bit with cat-cow begin by placing the foam roller on the ground. Next is a very important part where we position ourselves properly onto the foam roller. Place it too low, we’ll be focusing on the lumbar spine, too high we won’t get much leverage to open up the natural kyphotic curve. The foam roller should go a few inches below the shoulder blades around T-7/T-8. This will be a little bit before the highest point of the curve. Make sure the fulcrum point is on that spot since the foam roller is round I will be midway between both ends.

Next, bend your legs keeping your feet and butt planted on the ground. After that, grab your NECK with both hands. I emphasize neck because many times people go for there head (not the same thing). Form a cradle with your hands for your neck to rest comfortably. Once you’ve done that, bring your elbows as close as you can to each other. This will immobilize your neck like a brace. You should feel comfortable in this position.

Lastly, engage your core depressing the ribs slightly. Once that is done, begin to slowly drop your back down towards the ground focusing on the fulcrum point of the roller. Keep your butt and feet down. Let gravity pull you down don’t force the extension. Once at the bottom pause for a sec and rise back up to neutral. This is not a crunch don’t go past your neutral laying position.

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