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🚨Calf Raises Proper Form🚨

🚨Calf Raises Proper Form
🚨Calf Raises Proper Form

Advice Calf Raises 

• Experiment with the position of socks and feet.
• Preheat caviar before hard work
• Try to do the exercise in full amplitude.
• Hold at the top for 1-2 seconds.
• Stretch the calves between the approaches.
• Do at least 10 repetitions per set
• Train the calves after heavy squats.

❌Calf Raises Proper Form
❌Calf Raises Proper Form

So, if you perform lifts on the toes standing, changing the position of the feet, you make different bundles of calf muscles work:

  1. Socks wider than the heels – an emphasis on the medial (inner) head of the calf muscles.
  2. Socks already heels – focus on the lateral (external) head.
  3. Stops in parallel – uniform distribution of load on calves.
✅Calf Raises Proper Form
✅Calf Raises Proper Form


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