Muscular atlas CALF RAISE

Rises on standing socks are the main insulating exercise for the development of gastrocnemius. When they are performed, the main load falls on the gastrocnemius muscles, when we’r sitting (the knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees), the load shifts to a smaller soleus muscle that lies under the calves and pushes them outward.

What muscle groups are involved in the CALF RAISE

  • Targeted – calves;
  • synergists – soleus;
  • stabilizers – trapezium upper / middle, buttock small / medium, shoulder blade.

Doing Calf Raise on standing socks, you have the right to expect the following advantages:

  • development of calf strength;
  • increase in muscle volume of the calf muscles;
  • seals off and giving not fatty, and muscular type of ikram (especially important for girls);
  • the creation of a beautiful slender form of the bottom of the legs;
  • slimming muscles of the shins
  • prevention of Achilles tendon injury;
  • increased control over plantar flexion (plantar flexion);
  • increase in vertical jump (on average 25-30 cm);
  • balance / balance improvement.

Technique of execution Calf Raise

Despite the apparent simplicity, the exercise has its own characteristics. The step-by-step execution technique is as follows.

Technique of execution Calf Raise
Technique of execution Calf Raise

Step # 1.

Approach the simulator for lifting to the socks, set the necessary weight on it and adjust the height position in accordance with your growth. Place your shoulders under soft supports, and feet (by placing them parallel to each other), stand on the edge of the lower platform / step (do not block your knees, they should be slightly bent). Unlock the simulator and with a straight back, as much as possible “selling” feet down, stretching the your Calf. This is your starting position.

Step # 2.

On exhalation, start lifting your heels, while cutting the calves. Using the muscles of the lower leg, ascend as far as possible upwards and stay 1-2 sec. in the shortened position. Slowly and under control on inspiration, return to the start position. Repeat the specified number of times.


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