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Dumbbell flys side - correct training deltas
Dumbbell flys side – correct training deltas



To train deltoid muscles, there are many exercises. Breeding dumbbells flys standing. Technically, this is a simple movement, but often it is done incorrectly. As a result, the person not only does not receive the desired result, but also can injure the shoulder.

Muscle work

In this exercise, the muscles of the shoulders work in isolation. The main load falls on the middle or lateral beams of deltoids. The deltas are small in size, they are easily traumatized. Therefore, weight when doing exercises is important to select carefully, without excessive haste. The correctness of the movements is also a prerequisite.

If you do dumbbell standing or doing exercises with a not the right technique, then download non-target muscles and increase the risk stretching of muscle fibers.

Vulnerability of the Shoulders

Vulnerability of the Shoulders
Vulnerability of the Shoulders



Who has broke the deltoid muscle once in a lifetime, knows why this can happen. And there are times when a person is sufficiently warmed up, smoothly approached the working weight (for example, bench press). And during one of the repetitions I felt pain. The deltoids are not very well located. When you move the tendons rub against the bone, gradually erasing its surface. This leads to inflammation of their membranes. Searing occurs due to improper equipment, poor heating and other irregularities. But the inflammation – because of such features of the shoulders.

Rules of training deltas

To keep the shoulders last longer and better, you need to follow certain recommendations when you are doing the raising of hands with dumbbells while standing (it is better not to sit while sitting, since the legs in this position will interfere with correctly do exercises of with a dumbbells):


Rules of training deltas
Rules of training deltas


  • Dose the load. If you today had a bench press and other presses, you can not train the front and middle beam of deltoids.
  • If today you did exercises on your back, then loaded the rear deltoid. Train the front and middle beam, if you want to do deltoid muscles on this day

The best option for training your shoulders is the day of your legs. On this day, clean legs are working, and on the shoulders you can give a complex load, starting from the bench press, and ending with the flys of standing with dumbbells.

Technique for performing dilutions

To begin with, remember that lifting dumbbells through the sides (flys) is aimed at strengthening and training the lateral (middle) beam of deltoids. If this exercise is not done correctly, the load shifts to the front beam. And if it’s completely wrong – then the back (you need to try for it).

If improperly executed, the dilution of dumbbells, redistributes the load on the upper part of the trapezius muscles, which is not good. Dumbbell cultivation is an isolated exercise for the side beam of deltas, and nothing else.


Before training, the shoulder joints must be warmed up thoroughly.

The technique of doing the exercise is as follows:


  1. Choose a place in front of the mirror, you will need to face it.
    Take a small weight – 3-4 kg. Now we will learn how to make dumbbells flys standing. By the way, the correct name of the exercise is dumbbell flys through standing parties, but it is often called both wiring and swing and much else.
  2. Straighten the shoulders, place the legs on the width of the pelvis. Look straight into your face in the mirror. Slightly bend your arms in the elbows (the angle remains unchanged throughout the exercise) and lower them on the sides of the body. Brushes will come out a little forward, because your elbows are bent.
  3. Dumbbells need to be taken so that the palms are turned to the body. This is the starting position.
  4. Now attention: the lead begins so that the elbows are turned back and up. Hands raise up to the parallel with the floor. Some call this exercise “jugs”, because the movement is like pouring water out of jars. If the elbows are not looking up, you will not turn your hands so that water is poured from the jugs. Imagine that dumbbells are pitchers.
  5. Hold in this position for 1-2 seconds and put your hands back.

Repeat the flys with a light weight 10-15 times for warm-up. Further work with the correct weights.

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